white kraft paper aluminized stand up bag with zipper


  • Material: white kraft paper + PET aluminized + CPP
  • Thickness: 0.28mm ( double sides )
  • Features: standup, with resealable zipper, with cut tear notch, heat sealable

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The size capacity table is for reference only

Size 9*14+3 11*18.5+3 13*18.5+4 13*21+4 15*21+4 15*24+4 17*24+4 18*26+4 18*30+5 20*30+5 23*35+5
Tea 27g 70g 100g 130g 180g 220g 280g 400g 300g 330g 500g
melon seed 31g 60g 90g 140g 200g 240 300g 350g 460g 560g 700g
Red jujube 33g 100g 130g 235g 380g 410g 440g 480g 500g 560g 730g
candy 43g 56g 110g 120g 240g 270 300g 330g 350 400 450g
Red bean 73g 115g 200g 265g 400g 550 700g 820g 870 920 1000g
pine nut 50g 130g 200g 280g 350g 400g 540g 650g 750g 800g 950g
Chinese wolfberry 40g 100g 135g 185g 220g 270 300g 375g 420g 500g 650g
rice 60g 180g 280g 340g 490g 590g 730g 1000g 1180g 1400g 1700g
Peanut with shell 30g 70g 100g 150g 180g 210g 230g 280g 330g 420g 500g
Shredded squid 20g 50g 100g 150g 200g 245g 300g 350g 400g 500g 650g
coffee bean 50g 80g 100g 150g 180g 200g 240g 300g 350g 400g 500g
Cookies 50g 70g 100g 140g 170g 200g 250g 300g 350g 400g 500g
Dried beef 40g 60g 90g 140g 170g 200 270g 400g 500g 580g 650g
Raisins 70g 90g 150g 170g 200g 240g 300g 350g 400g 450g 600g
flour 50g 120g 180g 230 350 410 540 680g 770g 1100g 1400g


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