Brown kraft paper stand up ziplock bag with clear plastic window


  • Thickness: double sides 0.28mm
  • Material: brown kraft paper + PET + CPP

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The size capacity table is for reference only.

Size Dog food Melon seed Flour Rice
9*14+3 40g 30g 40g 80g
10*15+3 50g 40g 50g 100g
12*20+4 130g 90g 170g 300g
14*20+4 180g 130g 230g 370g
14*22+4 230g 160g 350g 420g
16*22+4 330g 210g 400g 550g
16*26+4 380g 260g 510g 650g
18*26+4 440g 360g 650g 890g
18*30+5 630g 440g 750g 1100g
20*30+5 680g 510g 1100g 1400g
22*31+5 950g 660g 1400g 1600g
23*35+5 1300g 900g 1700g 2500g
30*40+6 2000g 1500g 2500g 3000g


The sizes are all external dimensions, while the actual dimensions available inside will be smaller.

The width will be reduced by about 2cm and the height by about 4cm.


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